25 October


This dedicated day will present supporting guidelines for electric bus deployment. It will address your needs through four key phases:

If - Deciding whether to introduce electric buses.
When - Planning, regulation and finance.
What - Technology selection and procurement.
How - Operating, maintenance and decommissioning.
The ZeEUS partners will share their key achievements, first results and experiences on ebus exploitation in the 10 demo cities: Barcelona, Bonn, Cagliari, Eindhoven, London, Münster, Paris, Plzen, Stockholm, Warsaw. Growth and distribution projections of the European urban market share by propulsion type will also be highlighted, confirming the progress of e-bus deployment in Europe in an integrated mobility strategy.

For more information, please visit www.zeeus.eu

The day will be enriched by other presentations from research projects.
For more information, please contact marta.vandenbergh@uitp.org.